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Convertible purses, crossbody bags and roomy totes for your next trip.
Well-planned travel is all about packing the right pieces, like comfortable travel shoes, solid toiletries, and the best travel accessories.
These anti-theft backpacks might be cute - but they’ll stand up to any pickpocket you meet.
How do you feel secure about your stuff while traveling when you can’t keep it in your field of view? An anti-theft backpack may be the answer. These backpacks come complete with locking zippers, anti-slash bodies, and more.
Heading out for your next vacation? Invest in one of the best nylon tote bags.
When you’re traveling, we can’t overemphasize how important it is to stay organized. A great way you can do that is to invest in one of the best nylon tote bags.
57 pieces of luggage that come highly recommended by frequent travelers.
“I keep my computer, Kindle, passport, and a small pocketbook in my Baggallini shoulder sack. It's my favorite." —Louise S., 59, a freelance blogger and social media strategist who travels at least once a month
Baggallini has launched a new store in the Atrium of Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT).
Baggallini’s design team is committed to designing functional travel solutions that are also stylish. The company’s latest collection features state-of-the-art anti-theft designs.

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