She’s Got It In The Bag

Female founded, and female led – this International Women’s Day, we celebrate our powerhouse female team.

Baggallini was founded by two entrepreneurial female flight attendants, Ann and Dixie, who saw a need for a lightweight, well-organized bag for them and their friends to use while they traveled the globe. 25 years later, our team is still mostly-female and still passionate about creating products and experiences that help our customers get the most out of life’s journey.

To celebrate International Women’s Day – we asked a few of our team members about their career, what inspires or motivates them, and what challenges they face being female in their industry. Here are their answers.

Steph, senior online merchant at baggallini. Loves 
baby red pandas frolicking in the snow.

Steph, senior online merchant

“What motivates me? In my life both personally and professionally, I always strive to do my best and be the best possible version of myself. Also coffee, lots of coffee.”

“The biggest challenge I see facing other millennial women like myself is burn-out. I think women are working longer and harder hours to prove themselves, but are still more hesitant than men with the same background to self-promote.”

Carly, graphic designer at baggallini

Carly, graphic designer

“My inspiration comes from many places, but mostly other creative people. Not just graphic designers but photographers, ceramicists, bakers, chefs, writers, musicians, etc. I’m also really inspired by passionate and genuine people who create to help others.”

“My favorite thing outside of work is doing activities with my dog, AKA the cutest dog in the world (that’s a fact)!”

Erica, creative director

“I love traveling! At least once a year, I disappear to some corner of the world and I don’t check my email for a week or two. Seeing art and architecture around the world really inspires me.”

“Being a creative director is a lot about personal taste, style, and talent. You have to trust your gut and be willing to put your ideas out there.”

Sherine, lead photographer

“Being a working mother is honestly one of the hardest and most rewarding things I have ever done. It has pushed me to think more creatively, to be more intentional with my time, and to set a strong example for my kids.”

“I love getting to be creative every single day. I like being able to find new ways to share baggallini through compelling and exciting imagery.”

Emily, director of creative and marketing services at baggallini

Emily, director of creative and marketing services

“Nothing is better than cultivating ideas with a group of powerhouse creative people, challenging each other, cheering each other on, and sending our work out to the world.”

“Most of my inspiration comes from being faced with a challenge. Having to go to the drawing board to really think through the issue to come to a resolution is when I most feel my Superwoman cape flying.”