Tote Bags Are Taking Over This Fall

Good news for those opposed to the mini bag trend – totes are making a return for fall. Tote bags are practical and they get a lot of use for shopping, vacations, and just anytime you need to carry around more than a regular purse will allow.

From oversized totes to carry-ons to work bags, you’re bound to find a tote you love. Keep reading to shop our favorite tote bags and find the bag that fits you. 

1. Need to fit your whole life in a bag? Choose an oversized tote. 

If you find yourself juggling multiple mini bags at a time, have no fear – giant carryall totes are making their return and replacing tiny purses this fall. And this oversized tote certainly fits the trend. Organization and style are perfectly blended in this nylon laptop tote bag, making it the ideal bag for work or travel. 

Bowery Tote Bag in Smoke

2. Upgrade your work bag to a structured, polished tote bag that fits all of your essentials. 

Whether you’re commuting during the week or shopping at the farmer’s market, a tote bag should be thoughtful in design and roomy enough to carry everything you need. The Avenue Tote is just that. This bag holds your laptop, comes in 9 different colors, and has an additional strap so it can be worn multiple ways. 

Avenue Tote

3. Stay organized while traveling with a carry-on bag that has pockets for everything.

If you’re an organization freak – look no further. The East West Tote has all of the pockets and compartments you could ever want or need. In addition, it has a luggage sleeve so it can sit on top of your luggage as you’re walking through the airport. 

East West Tote

4. One trend making a comeback – tall totes. 

If you love the roominess of totes, but hate carrying a gigantic bag, a tall tote bag is perfect for you. This tall tote has plenty of room, while still being small and lightweight. 

Make Way Tote Bag

5. On the hunt for a work bag that’s just as trendy as it is versatile?

Work bags need to have a little bit of everything – professional, not too stuffy, enough pockets to organize your life, and enough room to fit everything you need throughout the day. That’s where the Hong Kong Laptop Tote Bag comes in. This is the perfect overall tote bag. It fits your laptop, phone, and everything else you need to carry while keeping you organized.  

Hong Kong Tote Bag in Black

6. Get security and peace-of-mind with a tall, zippered tote. 

Looking for a tote that’s small, but mighty? The Milan Tote bag is for you. This tote is incredibly lightweight, but still has room to fit your laptop and other essentials. It also zips at the top, so there’s no chance your bag will spill. 

Milan Tote Bag