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R.G. Barry Corporation Paid Media Advertising Policy - Dearfoams®

R.G. Barry Corporation (“R.G. Barry”) has made and continues to make substantial investments in building and protecting its brands and products. To promote and maintain the integrity of its brands, R.G. Barry has adopted the following Internet Advertising Policy, effective as of February 1, 2017, to govern the use of internet platforms to advertise and market products of the R.G. Barry brands, including, but not limited to Baggallini®, Dearfoams®, Foot Petals®, and its sub-brands (the “R.G. Barry Brands”) by all of our resellers, distributors, and customers (referred to herein as “authorized resellers”). This unilateral policy applies to all R.G. Barry authorized resellers selling and advertising in the United States, but it is not part of any authorized reseller’s agreement(s) with R.G. Barry and supplements but does not supersede any other applicable R.G. Barry policies.

Exclusive ownership and use of R.G. Barry trademarks

The R.G. Barry Brands as well as other trademarks that R.G. Barry or its affiliates may have or acquire are solely and exclusively owned by an R.G. Barry affiliate (collectively, the “Trademarks”). Any use of the Trademarks must be consistent with this Internet Advertising Policy and all other applicable policies, instructions and guidelines of R.G. Barry. R.G. Barry reserves the right to withdraw approval for the use of its Trademarks for paid media purposes at any time. To request permission to use one of R.G. Barry Brands’ Trademarks or to ask questions regarding the paid media policy, please email We will respond within 5 business days.

Defining Paid Media

Any digital marketing medium (referred to herein as “paid media”) that promotes Baggallini Brands or its products includes, but is not limited to, the following channels: paid search, PPC campaigns, PLA (product listing ads) or shopping sites, display, retargeting, programmatic, marketplaces, etc.

Paid Media Restricted Keywords

Baggallini reserves the exclusive right to use its Trademarks, brand names, product or technologies if trademarked, and/or any misspellings or variations of these, for the purpose of keyword bidding for advertising campaigns:

  • baggallini
  • baggalini
  • bagalini
  • bagallini
  • baggallini com

While Baggallini does not permit authorized resellers to use the Trademarks as keywords in paid media advertising campaigns, Baggallini does allow the use of these Trademarks in paid media ad copy or messaging.

Domain Name Usage

Authorized resellers may not use any of the Trademarks or any misspellings or variations of the Trademarks in the construction of top-level domain names. For example, and are forbidden.

For authorized resellers who have already acquired or currently use domain names or URLs that include any of the Trademarks or any part thereof, such authorized resellers must submit such domain names or URLs to Baggallini for its approval. At Baggallini’s request, and in Baggallini’s sole discretion, an authorized reseller must (1) transfer to Baggallini all right, title, and interest in and to any such domain name or URL or (2) discontinue use of any such domain name or URL.

Paid Media Ad Messaging And Content

To promote the integrity and value of the Baggallini, the authorized reseller may not use the following words or phrases in any paid media ad messaging or content:

  • Any promotional messaging of any kind unless otherwise specifically authorized by baggallini digital marketing team (, or falls into the current Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy. If promoting sale/clearance, retailer must specify that it is only promoting sale/clearance items/category in messaging (i.e. “Up to 50% Off” must instead read “Up to 50% Off Sale Items” so consumer is very clear that discount is only on sale/clearance).
  • Bargain
  • Best
  • Cheap
  • Contest
  • Discount
  • Free
  • Giveaway
  • Guaranteed
  • Low quality
  • Low price or lowest price
  • Official site or official store
  • Superior
  • Sweepstakes
  • Unbeatable

Baggallini maintains the right to demand modifications to any paid media ad messaging or content for a Baggallini Brand product that, in Baggallini’s sole discretion, conflicts with or diminishes the integrity or value of the Baggallini.


If an authorized reseller is contacted by Baggallini regarding its paid media strategies, Baggallini requests that the authorized reseller respond to Baggallini within five (5) business days to discuss and potentially rectify any issue within a mutually-agreed upon timeframe between the parties.

Baggallini reserves the right to modify or terminate these policies at any time by written notice to the authorized reseller. This policy alone does not provide any right or authority to use, in any manner, any Baggallini trademark, trade name, copyright, patent, logo, or any other intellectual property of Baggallini, including but not limited to the Trademarks, other than the right, title and interest previously granted to the authorized reseller by Baggallini.

Penalties For Noncompliance

Authorized resellers may independently determine whether or not to comply with this policy. However, if Baggallini believes an authorized reseller has violated or intends to violate this Internet Advertising Policy Baggallini reserves the right to cancel pending orders, restrict future orders and/or suspend authorized resellers’ accounts. Baggallini is solely responsible and has total discretion for determining whether a violation of the Internet Advertising Policy has occurred and the appropriate actions it will take to protect its brands. Such actions may include the following:

  • 1-st Violation: Baggallini will send an email/written notice warning to the attention of the authorized reseller’s buyer with a screenshot of policy violation. This email will encourage the reseller to forward the message to its digital marketing team or agency.
  • 2-nd Violation: Should Baggallini become aware that an authorized reseller has continued to violate this policy, Baggallini will send a written notice to such reseller with threat of a thirty (30) day suspension of distribution. This notice will be sent to the buyer and legal team. It is the responsibility of these parties to communicate the issue to its digital marketing team or agency to remedy.
  • 3-rd Violation: Baggallini will suspend all shipments for thirty (30) days, whether such orders are for products to be sold on an internet platform or through a different channel of distribution. This notice will be sent to the buyer and legal team. It is the responsibility of these parties to communicate the issue to its digital marketing team or agency to remedy.
  • 4-th Violation: All distribution to reseller will be forfeited permanently.

In addition to the above-referenced sanctions, violations of this policy may result in termination of the business relationship, as well as Baggallini seeking any available remedies at law.

We appreciate each authorized reseller’s cooperation in this effort to promote the integrity and value of our brands. Please reach out to with any questions that arise. Again, we will respond within five (5) business days.